Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gossip Girl Season 2 Review (My Favourite Character)

The whole week...i've been watching Gossip Girl season 2. Quite makes me excited bout the drama and soooo addictive..because am the fanantic since season 1. tapi terbatal niat untuk meneruskan on the 2nd season..sebab aku pindah rumah and then kat rumah baru channel tak clear...

Gossip Girl is the story base on high schoolar life in Manhattan. Rich people with the social life. Yeah...kind of life i ever wanted...huhu...Love and Scandals they have...well this is my review of characters on this drama.

My favourite character:

Blair Waldorf (Queen of Monarchy)

Walaupun perangai agak annoying...tapi sikap Blair yang agak dedikasi dan bersungguh untuk mendapatkan apa yang dia inginkan...membuatkan "Blair, I admire you". Blair seorang yang degil..tapi dia seorang yang baik hati. She is the girl who makes some mistake..and she will regret once she knows she did wrong. that's kind of me... Blair is the only child in Waldorf family..jadi possible sekiranya dia harus memiliki apa yang dia inginkan. Yeah...she in love with Chuck Brass...the devil..and they are so sweet....couple...

Chuck @ Charles Bass (The Devil)

O.M.G!!! He is the most handsome guy that I ever seen in this world...i like kind of that guy...not too tall not too short...not so fat not so thin..just nice..and also the most thing is..HE HAS THE MANLY LOOK!!! i love that...hehe... Chuck is bad guy (as Gossip Girl call him..the devil), virgin killer, but inside his devil look...Chuck is nice, kind hearted, and very loyal to his love (towards Blair) and his best friend (Nate @ Nathaniel Archibald). The way loves Blair make me falling in love with Chuck...and of course I wish i can play "met" with him...ahahaha...Crazy!! Well, Chuck is coward guy (Gossip Girl find the is true) because he always ran away from the truth and reality of his life. Until one day his uncle, Jack Bass condemn him down. Jack, the only guidance that Chuck have for the time being. But he forget that he still have stepmother, Lily Bass. Lily trying to help Chuck take his legacy back from Jack by adopt Chuck as her son and she become Chuck guardian officially...

Nathaniel Archibald

Nate is positive guy. He matured because of his family problem.Not like other guy in this drama, Nate doesn't desperately looking for love.For him, let love come and grasp it..Nate, Chuck best friend and new guy-friend of Dan Humphrey. His family went bankrupt and his father was wanted by FBI. Nate couldn't face the reality that his family broke. He try to  cover the bankruptcy from his friend, but Chuck finding out. Get help from Dutches Catherine but he feel something wrong that he is being Gigolo. Chuck in love with Vanessa, Dan's best friend. When Dan find out his situation, Dan invite Nate to stay at his loft. Nate falling in love with Jenny Humphrey, Dan's sister. Dan could accept their relation and quarrel with Nate. Nate dating Blair, but their love couldn't last until entering the university.Blair still loving Chuck. Nate finally meet his family and entering Colombia University. Friend with Vanessa try to working out their new relation.

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