Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Take my Breath away

If you love someone with all your heart, its very difficult for you let  them go. Especially when both of you were still in love with each other. Its so hard to let go.But you have too...for your own future. That is what happened me and B. I love B so much...Just because of family and my future I have to let him go. For my own best..like some of my friends said.

I like to be firm to let him go..its not easy as people say. I have to cry...I have to pray a lot...but none of this pray will close my heart toward my love. Everything I want in this world is someone I love and love me back. I doesn't want to be broken heart and lost my hope. I did everything to make myself hate him...but all the things I did make my self be cut and cut. 

Take my breath away! that is what I want! 
I love B..but I couldn't.
I love B so much...but I have to let go.

I'm smiling...but deep in my heart..i am NOT smiling
I'm laughing...but every night I cry..so heavily

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