Wednesday, April 1, 2015

28 Days Without Facebook & WeChat Challange

Lama dah tak update blog... tak ada entry baru kan..? So readers may be a bit bosan..
My entry is about challange yang aku sendiri buat.. challange without facebook for 28 days..

I started my challange yesterday.. so it will be end by end of April (suppose to be.. hopefully I can make it) Nowadays, lots of people can't live without facebook and wechat.. so do i... at first i think world will be dying without these two.. until one day, my data expired and I have to wait for my payday to subscribe my data (durhh... i found out my money worth to stomatch so i save it for my food) for one week i just use Wifi at my workplace..so i only can online on working hours. By night.. no more FB, Twitter, WeChat and WhatApps. But yet i still can live without it.. then I told myself, why don't I challange myself for deactivate my FB and Wechat, and uninstall the apps.. I did it on 31 March.

On the first day.. I had a rough day, for usual, i will update the status on my FB and Moment. By that time, when unlocked my phone, I was looking for FB and WeChat icon...then i realised that I already uninstalled the apps. I thought I need to let go what insides my head.. so i went to my friend's workstation and tried to talk to her. And yes! I told her whats going on.. and i felt better..

Now I knew, that i have to talk to somebody about what is going on will also can make me feel better.. and it more feeling better than posting it on social media.
Hey! Wake up.. we have friends out there, we have family.. it is better to talk to someone in person. And only that person who know what our problems are.. meanwhile by posting it on social media, almost every human in this planet will knew.. we doesn't know that do they will care about us.. or will they laugh at us or does they annoying by out post?? Who knows? Who cares?

Social media is not the only way for us to express what we feel, to tell the story what we have. We have somebody in reality life who more care and they can keep our story.. we have friends, we have family. Talk to them. Tell them.

I realized that nowadays children don't  tell their parents their problems. Parents no longer talk or advice  their children in persons. There is no more talk in dinning room or in car. There was one day, while on the way to my workplace, i saw a mother fetching her children to school, inside the car on the driver side, mom holding her phone, son next to her holding his phone too and the daughter  at the back seat playing Candy Crush. There's a silence inside the car. So i told my brother, who was drive me to my workplace, "you see.. there is no parents talk to their children when fetching them to school. Not like our days, dad always giving free speech on while on the way to school. The same speech everyday. At least he talk to us.. and same to you now.. sinve you have that smartphone, you no longer  giving me free speech. You texting while driving. Sometimes i have to alert the traffic light turn to green. And we don't have any quality times togather." I make my brother speechless that day.. but still he doing it everyday until now.. huhuhu....

Ask yourself.. does our life nowadays really need that social media for live in modern live?? Or are we just addicted to it??? Some might have the same thoughts with me.. some might not... let me tell ypu some phrase we always used.. "LIFE IS TOO SHORT.. " We doesn't know when the day we die.. some of us, died in tragic way, some may be sick and know they are dying. For those who stay healthly, spend more time with your family and friends.. who knows tomorrow  or the next day we will die.

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